SMART Air Non-Inverter Air Conditioner 2 Ton Split-AC 24000 BTU - SEA-124SS

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Introducing the SMART Branded NON Inverter AC 2 TON, model SEA-124SS, a reliable and efficient cooling solution designed to keep your space comfortable even during the hottest days. This split-type air conditioner boasts a robust cooling capacity of 24000 Btu/h (7034 Watts), making it ideal for large rooms or commercial spaces.

Equipped with an on-off control system, this AC offers straightforward operation for effortless temperature regulation. Its Power Supply Requirements of 1Ph-220-240V265V for added flexibility. 

Featuring a rotary compressor from the reputable brand Highly, this AC delivers consistent and powerful cooling performance while maintaining energy efficiency. The compressor operates at T1 conditions, ensuring reliable operation even in high-temperature environments.

The indoor unit is equipped with a DC fan model (210900290B) for quiet and efficient airflow management. With multiple speed settings for cooling, heating, dry, and sleep modes, you can customize the airflow to suit your comfort preferences. The indoor air flow rates of 1100/1150 m3/h ensure rapid cooling or heating of your space.

For optimal outdoor airflow, the outdoor unit comes with a durable fan model (210901758 / GZSDJ-16) designed to withstand various weather conditions. With an outdoor air flow rate of 3000 m3/h, this unit ensures efficient heat dissipation to maintain optimal performance.

Both the indoor and outdoor units are designed with compact dimensions for easy installation and minimal space requirement. The indoor unit measures 1010×315×220 mm, while the outdoor unit measures 920×380×699 mm. Additionally, the AC comes with refrigerant piping suitable for standard installations, with a maximum pipe length of 15m and a maximum allowable level difference of 5m.

With its reliable performance, energy efficiency, and user-friendly features, the SMART Branded NON Inverter AC 2 TON - Model No. SEA-124SS offers a premium cooling solution for residential and commercial applications. Say goodbye to sweltering heat and enjoy a cool and comfortable environment all year round.

Model No.: SEA-124SS

Type: Split

Control type: On-off

Power supply: 1Ph-220-240V~50Hz

Voltage Range: 155~265V

Cooling Capacity:

Btu/h: 24000

Watts: 7034

Rated power Input: 2150W

Rated current: 9.5A

Maximum current: 12.4A

Moisture removal: 2.6 Liters/h


Model: ASH232MV-C7EU1

Type: Rotary

Brand: Highly

Compressor type: T1

Indoor fan:

Model: 210900290B (DC)

Input Power: 45W (WELLING) / 45W (Broad-ocean)

Speeds (Hi/Mi/Lo):

Cooling: 1400/1250/1100/1000/900 rpm

Heating: 1280/1200/1100/1000/900 rpm

Dry: 1000 rpm

Sleep: 1000 rpm

Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo): 1100/1150 m3/h

Outdoor fan:

Model: 210901758 / GZSDJ-16

Input Power: 54W (WELLING) / 65W (Broad-ocean)

Speed: 890±30 rpm

Outdoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo): 3000 m3/h

Indoor unit dimensions (WDH): 1010×315×220 mm

Packing dimensions (WDH): 1096×390×297 mm

Net/Gross weight: 13/16 Kg

Outdoor unit dimensions (WDH): 920×380×699 mm

Packing dimensions (WDH): 960×430×732 mm (with pipe)

Net/Gross weight: 46/53 Kg

Refrigerant piping:

Liquid side / Gas side: φ6(1/4") / φ15.88(5/8")

Max. refrigerant pipe length: 15m

Max. difference in level: 5m


High (DP): 4.5 MPa

Low (SP): 1.9 MPa

Refrigerant: R410A

Refrigerant amount: 1.44kg

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